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Friday, September 29, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the courses conducted by accredited?
CME accreditations are given on a course by course basis. will take necessary steps to make sure that all the courses are accredited by recognized bodies.  Accreditation of a course or CME by any authorized body is done after a review of the course structure and the topics presented in that particular CME. Since we cannot submit the nitty gritty of the course details in advance to the accreditation review committee more than one month in advance, the information regarding accreditation of the CME course will be available only 2-3 weeks prior to the course date.

How should I register for a CME conducted by
To register any course conducted by you first need to register yourself with the site.  Once that is done it is just a matter of logging in with your user name and password and with just a click of button you could enroll yourself for the selected course

What is the difference between online CMEs and offline CMEs?
Offline CMEs include conferences, updates, symposium and are conducted in a traditional manner. Attendance at these events will earn you CME credits. also provides online quizzes and discussions of offline courses after the event.
Onine CMEs are detailed discussions on specific topics which are delivered though the web site which you can register. You need to read the material and answer questions on the material and answer questions on the material which appear at the end of the paper. Successful completion of the the test will earn you CME credits. The advantage is that busy health professional can take the course at their own choice of time and place and earn credit hours.

Can a person from a country other than UAE register for CMEs?
Yes, the courses are open to every physician and health care professional any where in the world. These courses are accredited by the UAE University.

How is the content/topic selected for the CME?
Contents are selected by a panel of academicians with experience in conducting these type of events.  User feedbacks are given a lot of weightage in selecting course. A need assessment is also done in addition to feedback from participants.

Why should I take quizzes on the website if I am attending offline CMEs?
By taking quizzes for offline CMEs you make sure that the topic you attended has been understood by you.  In addition special credit hours are planned for participants who take online quiz.

Can I attend CMEs conducted without registering in
Yes, you may.  But you will lose so many features associated with the web site.